Today in Design - Top Articles RoundUp 31 August 2016

The day’s best and most impor­tant design- and design business-focused arti­cles, tuto­ri­als, and resources hand-picked by Pariah Burke.

  • GMail Productivity: Automatically Find All Unsubscribable List, Notification, and Sales Messages

    Subscribed to mail­ing lists? How about Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN, and oth­er announce­ments? Do you even know how many announce­ment, list, and group sales e-mails you get? A sim­ple GMail or Google Apps Mail fil­ter can not only show you exact­ly how many mes­sages you get that you can eas­ily unsub­scribe from, but it can also make unsub­scrib­ing a snap.

    Nearly all the mail we’re talk­ing about—legitimate (e.g. not spam) but not always necessary—mail offers a link at the bot­tom to let you unsub­scribe or opt out of receiv­ing future mail. Moreover, the lan­guage used to iden­tify these links is invari­ably “unsub­scribe,” “opt out,” or “be removed from”. That makes them easy to iden­tify, group, and process using a sim­ple mail fil­ter.

  • Count Characters and Words with­in Selected Text with Keyboard Maestro
    A sim­ple Keyboard Maestro macro to dis­play the char­ac­ter count and word count of select­ed text any­where and every­where on your Mac. For pro­fes­sion­al and ama­teur writ­ers, copy­writ­ers, jour­nal­ists, and many oth­ers.
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  • InDesign Tutorial: Creating Separate TOCs for PDF Bookmarks and the Page

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