Today in Design - Top Articles RoundUp 5 April 2016

The day’s best and most impor­tant design- and design business-focused arti­cles, tuto­ri­als, and resources hand-picked by Pariah Burke.

  • My Year in Startup Hell
    An exclu­sive sneak peak at the book “Disrupted” by Dan Lyons on his time at start­up Hubspot.Tags: Entrepreneur Freelance Startup
  • Free Audio Sound Effects for E-Learning
    Here is a good start­ing list for free audio sound effects sites that could be used for your online train­ing and e-learning cours­es.
  • What Adult Coloring Books Show Us: Light, and Dark
    As adult col­or­ing books roll on in major pub­lish­ing mar­kets, the pic­ture com­ing togeth­er isn’t about lit­er­a­ture or books or our culture.Tags: Publishing
  • The Cities on the Sunny Side of the American Economy
    But this thriv­ing indus­tri­al park is just one sign of the many metrop­o­lis­es and small­er cities across the nation that have not only regained their foot­ing since the reces­sion, but are on the upswing.Tags: Entrepreneur Freelance Startup
  • 82 Top-Quality Typography Tutorials
    “Whatever your dis­ci­pline, typog­ra­phy is an essen­tial part of design, and you can nev­er stop learn­ing about it or improv­ing your typog­ra­phy skills. To help you out, we’ve gath­ered togeth­er the most amaz­ing typog­ra­phy tuto­ri­als from around the w…
  • Improving UX With Pixar’S 22 Rules of Storytelling
    Handsome’s Eric Celedonia on how to apply Pixar’s 22 rules of sto­ry­telling to user expe­ri­ence design.Tags: Ui UX design
  • Before You Judge Lazy Workers, Consider They Might Serve A Purpose
    A recent Japanese study shows the lazy ants play a crit­i­cal role in colonies. They con­tribute when oth­ers die or drop out. The researcher says the same is true for humans. But is it?
  • 10 WordPress Plugins To Create Landing Pages Easily
    if you know how to work a plu­g­in, you can still get your own land­ing page or com­ing soon page.
  • How One Programmer Broke the Internet by Deleting a Tiny Piece of Code
    A man in Oakland, California, dis­rupt­ed web devel­op­ment around the world last week by delet­ing 11 lines of code. The sto­ry of how 28-year-old Azer Koçulu briefly broke the inter­net shows how writ­ing soft­ware for the web has become depen­dent on a patch­work of code that itself relies on the benev­o­lence of fel­low pro­gram­mers. When that sys­tem breaks down, as it did last week, the con­se­quences…

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