Elearning: ProjectDox Measure TakeOff

Note: Video is export­ed from the Captivate elearn­ing mod­ule, which dis­ables inter­ac­tiv­i­ty and can intro­duce tim­ing glitch­es. The actu­al Captivate elearn­ing mod­ule is avail­able for review upon request.

Title: ProjectDox Measure TakeOff Elearn (1 of 3)

Audience: Internal Employees

My Role(s)/Contribution(s): Accessibility/Section 508 Compliance, Instructional Design, Audio Editing

Primary Tool(s) Employed: Adobe Captivate, Camtasia, SnagIt, Adobe Audition

An equi­table, acces­si­ble, Section 508-compliant elearn­ing mod­ule cre­at­ed in Adobe Captivate explain­ing the use of TakeOff Versioning Tools in Avolve Software’s ProjectDox. This is part one of three in the series.

I took the orig­i­nal instruc­tion­al design­er’s work, improved upon it, and made it acces­si­ble and Section 508-compliant using Adobe Captivate and WCAG guidelines.