Video eLearning: Vyond Animation TWD Video Shorts

Training & Workforce Development Video Shorts Animations

Internal Personnel Organization-wide

My Role(s)/Contribution(s):
Animation, Audio Editing, Video Editing, Comedy Writing

Primary Tool(s) Employed:
Vyond, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Première Pro, Adobe Audition

The Training & Workforce Development Video Shorts series is a set of near­ly 100 micro learn­ing video mod­ules. Each is pre­ced­ed with a humor­ous intro video, closed with anoth­er humor­ous cred­its video, and fea­tures a per­pet­u­al­ly scrolling back­ground dur­ing the OBS Open Broadcaster-managed live demon­stra­tion and cam­era feed. I cre­at­ed the intro, out­ro, and back­ground, includ­ing writ­ing the humor­ous scripts for those and many of the live broad­cast segments.