Elearning: Zilretta Modules

Zilretta eLearning Modules

Pharmaceutical com­pa­ny Sales and Marketing departments

My Role(s)/Contribution(s):
Instructional Design, Graphic Design

Primary Tool(s) Employed:
Adobe InDesign, Adobe InCopy, Adobe Acrobat

Interactive module-based edu­ca­tion used by phar­ma­ceu­ti­cal sales and mar­ket­ing per­son­nel in the office and in the field deliv­ered as inter­ac­tive PDFs. Features click­able inter­ac­tive ele­ments includ­ing but­tons, tabs, intra-document and exter­nal hyper­links, and self-evaluation multiple-choice quizzes. Heavy use of tab­u­lar data man­dat­ed cre­ative prob­lem solving.