Lewiston ID Daily Goes Adobe with Anygraaf's Doris32

The Lewiston, ID Tribune is mov­ing to Anygraaf’s Doris32 solu­tion for pub­lish­ing, a work­flow which has Adobe InDesign and GoLive at its heart. As report­ed today by Editor & Publisher:

Doris Job Planner, Doris proof­ing sys­tem, Doris Web serv­er and Doris I-Flow color-correction tools also will be installed as part of the pack­age. Editorial pag­i­na­tion will rely on Adobe InDesign, with Adobe InCopy as the text edi­tor. Doris32 has inte­grat­ed archiv­ing and man­age­ment for many doc­u­ment types, includ­ing arti­cles, images, pages and graph­ics, as well as audio and video clips.

Go here to read E&P’s com­plete take on the sit­u­a­tion.

Read more about Anygraaf’s Doris32 via this link.

Pariah Burke

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