MIT's Newspaper Jettisons Quark for InDesign, InCopy

The Tech switches vendors to increase effiicency, speed publishing to Web

In its Wednesday, 6 July 2005 num­ber, MIT’s news­pa­per, The Tech, announced that it was mov­ing off its QuarkXPress/Quark Publishing System work­flow to adopt an Adobe work­flow.

Replacing a sys­tem based on QuarkXPress 4 and Quark Publishing System 2 that has been in use for over a decade will be a sys­tem using Adobe InCopy CS for writ­ing and edit­ing and InDesign CS for lay­out. WoodWing Software’s Smart Connection Enterprise will be the cen­tral data­base con­nec­tion hold­ing all the parts down. The hard­ware supp­port­ing this shift will be dual proces­sor Apple PowerMac G5s for lay­out, and iMac and eMac G5s for edi­to­r­i­al.

The prinic­pal ben­e­fit from the shift will be faster and more time­ly deliv­ery of con­tent for the paper’s web pres­ences. Jonathan T. Wang, Spring 2005 tech­nol­o­gy direc­tor, was quot­ed by The Tech as say­ing “In the past, we had trou­ble deliv­ery­ing con­tent to the Web in a time­ly fash­ion. Our new pub­lish­ing sys­tem makes this task much eas­i­er”.

Pariah Burke

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