Website FCW.COM Delivers Positive Review of Creative Suite 2

Business/IT/Government news aggregator site recommends Creative Suite 2; cites power, new features, integration

If you’ve got someone…nagging you for an upgrade to Adobe Systems’ Creative Suite 2, we rec­om­mend you lis­ten

If you’ve got some­one in your pro­duc­tion depart­ment nag­ging you for an upgrade to Adobe Systems’ Creative Suite 2, we rec­om­mend you lis­ten,”, states the first sen­tence of a review by writer Patrick Marshall at FCW​.COM, a business/IT/Government news aggre­ga­tor site, the online pres­ence of the peri­od­i­cal Federal Computer Weekly.

It deliv­ers high praise for such new fea­tures as Photoshop’s Smart Objects and van­ish­ing points, InDesign’s Object Styles, the pow­er that Bridge pro­vides, and over­all tight inte­gra­tion con­tribut­ing to over­all use­ful­ness and poten­tial­ly greater pro­duc­tiv­i­ty.

The only ambiva­lent marks giv­en were for GoLive, which, reflect­ing what seems to be con­ven­tion­al wis­dom, was eval­u­at­ed as “[hav­ing] nev­er been an indus­try leader, and in our view, it is not like­ly to be seen as one now.” Adobe is being giv­en cred­it for improv­ing GoLive as well, how­ev­er, with VisualCSS and auto­mat­ic con­ver­sion of import­ed files to Smart Objects.

It is pos­i­tive press for Adobe which high­lights the inroads into Quark dom­i­nance which Adobe seems to con­tin­ue to make while the world waits for Quark to release XPress 7.

For Quark, the clock is tick­ing.

Read the entire review, at FCW​.COM, by Patrick Marshall, here.

Pariah Burke

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