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Install New Creative Cloud Apps AND Keep Old Versions


With the release of the Adobe Creative Cloud (CC) 2015 versions of its applications, Adobe has changed the behavior of how prior installations are handled. The short of it is that installing new Creative Cloud CC applications uninstalls prior CC versions. For most people, that’s a good thing. For some, it can be an undesired behavior.

The fix is easy.

  1. Click Update beside the CC application you’d like to update.
    Updating Creative Cloud Step 1

  2. In the next dialog, click the light grey Advanced Options item.
    Updating Creative Cloud Step 2

  3. When the dialog expands, uncheck Remove Old Versions to install the new version of the selected app while retaining any prior versions you have installed.
    Updating Creative Cloud Step 3

  4. Finally, click the Update button to begin the installation of the CC 2015 application.

Simple. Easy. Done. Enjoy your new Adobe Creative Cloud applications alongside your prior versions!

For specifics on the differences in installers, see my friend Bob Levine’s blog.

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5 Responses

  1. Rick Gordon says:

    And be aware that, at this time, your preference for keeping old versions will need to be set again every time you do an update.

  2. Pandurang says:

    and if we have updated 14 to 15 and now i need 14 then what need to do here?

    please reply

    • You can install older versions through the Creative Cloud app, too. I’m not in front of a computer, but in the app scroll down until you see the filter button above applications not installed. Click on it and choose Previous Versions or All Versions.