Install New Creative Cloud Apps AND Keep Old Versions

With the release of the Adobe Creative Cloud (CC) 2015 ver­sions of its appli­ca­tions, Adobe has changed the behav­ior of how pri­or instal­la­tions are han­dled. The short of it is that installing new Creative Cloud CC appli­ca­tions unin­stalls pri­or CC ver­sions. For most peo­ple, that’s a good thing. For some, it can be an unde­sired behavior.

The fix is easy.

  1. Click Update beside the CC appli­ca­tion you’d like to update.
    Updating Creative Cloud Step 1
  2. In the next dia­log, click the light grey Advanced Options item.
    Updating Creative Cloud Step 2
  3. When the dia­log expands, uncheck Remove Old Versions to install the new ver­sion of the select­ed app while retain­ing any pri­or ver­sions you have installed.
    Updating Creative Cloud Step 3
  4. Finally, click the Update but­ton to begin the instal­la­tion of the CC 2015 application.

Simple. Easy. Done. Enjoy your new Adobe Creative Cloud appli­ca­tions along­side your pri­or versions!

For specifics on the dif­fer­ences in installers, see my friend Bob Levine’s blog.

5 thoughts on “Install New Creative Cloud Apps AND Keep Old Versions

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  2. Rick Gordon

    And be aware that, at this time, your pref­er­ence for keep­ing old ver­sions will need to be set again every time you do an update.

  3. Pandurang

    and if we have updat­ed 14 to 15 and now i need 14 then what need to do here?

    please reply

    • Pariah Burke Post author

      You can install old­er ver­sions through the Creative Cloud app, too. I’m not in front of a com­put­er, but in the app scroll down until you see the fil­ter but­ton above appli­ca­tions not installed. Click on it and choose Previous Versions or All Versions.

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