Adobe's CS3 Clean-Up Script for Mac OS Prerelease Users and Beta Testers

Adobe advis­es that Mac OS X users of the pre­re­lease ver­sions of Adobe CS3 soft­ware and beta testers remove all traces of those intstal­la­tions before load­ing actu­al ship­ping ver­sions of CS3 appli­ca­tions. Mere drag­ging of the appli­ca­tion fold­ers to the trash, how­ev­er, does­n’t quite get the job done:

The Adobe CS3Clean Script will help resolve instal­la­tion prob­lems expe­ri­enced by beta and pre-release users of Adobe Creative Suite soft­ware. The script will clean up the beta and pre-release instal­la­tions and allow instal­la­tion of the ship­ping ver­sions of Creative Suite 3.

What’s to be done? By down­load­ing the script found on the Adobe page at the end of this link, you’ll be able to make your dri­ve squeaky clean and ready to load your shiny-new CS3 apps.

Read and heed all applic­a­ble warn­ings, naturally. 

Pariah Burke

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