Drop Caps in QuarkXPress

Styling drop caps for your intro­duc­to­ry para­graphs using QuarkXPress is straight­for­ward; the trick here is know­ing where to find the place where it’s spe­fi­cied. As it hap­pens, it’s in the Paragraph Attributes dia­log box.

Place your inser­tion point into the para­graph you want a drop cap in. Bring up the Format pane of the Paragraph Attrbutes box (Mac: CMD-SHIFT-F, Win: ALT-SHIFT-F, or Menu: Style>Formats), check the box next to “Drop Caps” to acti­vate that sec­tion of the pane. Place the num­ber of char­ac­ters you want to involve in the “Character Count” box and the height you want in the “Line Count” box, then click either “Apply” or “OK” to effect the change.

Pariah Burke

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1 Response

  1. roast6eef says:

    Ok. But how can I adjust them, if the spaces on the left and upper mar­gin don’t fit (I encounter the prob­lem when using the cap in a dif­fer­ent font than the para­graph text)?
    Any help?