Markzware Releases ID2Q7 Conversion Plugin

New plugin offers one-click conversion of InDesign files to XPress 7–but only for non-Intel Mac users at present.

Markzware, mak­er of more use­ful pre­flight and plu­g­in soft­ware for elec­tron­ic lay­out than you can shake a stick at, has announced the release of ID2Q7 which is, a far as we can deter­mine, the first and only con­ver­sion plu­g­in that con­verts to the newest ver­sion of QuarkXPress.

ID2Q7 touts lay­out preser­va­tion, with all attrib­ut­es con­vered with a sin­gle click. The ID2Q7 page, here, does rather bend over back­wards to advise the poten­tial cus­tomer that text reflow is a depend­able trou­ble area, prin­ci­pal­ly because of the vary­ing dif­fer­ences on vary­ing plat­forms which are out­side of the soft­ware’s con­trol and may be com­pli­cat­ed by any cus­tom kern­ing and track­ing set­tings the indi­vid­ual lay­out artist will use.

The plu­g­in will con­vert InDesign files from V 1.x for­ward to either QXP 6 or QXP 7, as well as cross-platform con­ver­sions (i.e., Windows InDesign to Mac InDesign). The soft­ware is cur­rent­ly only oper­a­ble on non-Intel Macintosh sys­tems, how­ev­er, Windows and MacIntel ver­sions are said to be in devel­ope­ment and are expect­ed to debut soon.

USA price is $199, and the soft­ware is avail­able direct­ly from Markzware’s site via this link.

Pariah Burke

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