QuarkXPress 7 Beta 1 to Expire; Beta 2 to be Posted

As the hard limit for the first XPress public beta approaches, Quark announces beta 2

Announced to the cur­rent mem­bers of the QuarkXPress Public Beta test pro­gram today, a reminder that XPress Public Beta 1 is sched­uled to auto-expire at the end of this month, 31 March 2006.

The Public Beta pro­gram is to con­tin­ue, how­ev­er, with the mount­ing and avail­abli­ty of Public Beta 2 on 30 March 2006, one day before the expi­ra­tion of the first Public Beta, and tout­ing the ehance­ments planned for v7, includ­ing trans­paren­cy, Job Jackets, Composition Zones, enhanced PDF export­ing, and Output Styles.

Admission to the XPress Public Beta pro­gram is free for the reg­is­ter­ing, and can be done via this link.

QuarkXPress 7, pub­lic beta, XPress pub­lic beta 2

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  1. g888888 says:

    Beta 2 to be Posted

  1. 31 March 2006

    […] As promised by Quark (and report­ed ear­li­er here) the QuarkXPress 7 Public Beta 2 has been post­ed on Quark’s pub­lic beta web­site as of today, the day before the time bombs in the Public Beta 1 are set to go off; Public Beta 1 will become inop­er­a­tive on 1 April. […]