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In InCopy CC Building on the Fundamentals, Pariah Burke follows up the fundamentals course and teaches you even more about using InCopy CC for your professional writing needs. You'll learn all about formatting your text with different font families and styles, paragraph styles, colors, lists, and much more. Then you'll learn more in depth about styles specifically, and then working with tabs and tables. Finally, you'll learn about working with images, and tons of tips on saving time while writing in InCopy CC.

InCopy CC Building on the Fundamentals

Following the foun­da­tion of learn­ing in the InCopy CC Fundamentals course, this course builds on the writ­ing and col­lab­o­rat­ing skills you’ve already learned to flesh out your sto­ries and doc­u­ments with styling and for­mat­ting. Publishing work­flow expert Pariah Burke will…
InCopy Fundamentals for Writers and Editors | Video Course with Pariah Burke

InCopy CC Fundamentals

In this course, pub­lish­ing work­flow expert Pariah Burke intro­duces Adobe’s best kept secret, InDesign’s edi­to­r­i­al coun­ter­part, Adobe InCopy. Built to be to writ­ers and edi­tors what InDesign is to pro­duc­tion and lay­out, InCopy is a pro­fes­sion­al writ­ing and edit­ing envi­ron­ment with­out…
Integrating InCopy with InDesign

InDesign CC Integration with InCopy CC

In this course Pariah Burke speaks to both Editorial and Design, addressing both sides of publishing to enable all creative personnel to forge and maintain a collaborative, productive, accountable integration using best-of-breed editorial and design tools InCopy and InDesign. You will learn to integrate InCopy with InDesign to build an efficient workflow wherein editorial personnel maintain control over editorial content until the very last moment, while production personnel continue to design the pages, and right up until the moment of deadline. You will also learn how to include remote workers in the workflow without sacrificing collaboration, control, or accountability.